Advice on home improvements/repairs

Advice sought…. is often… advice accepted unadvisedly…..

All too often when advice is sought there will be a myriad of people with opinions based on no more authority than the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker said…..and if they didn’t say it then it was the next door neighbour, a friend of the next door neighbour, or my friend who is…..Then there’s, ‘the salesman said!’

To begin with….your problem is going to require a solution specific to your problem and not some general proposition based on vague similarities.

So if you want to separate the thoroughbreds from the donkeys, pull out a piece of paper and ask them to sign a guaranteed outcome as a result of what they are proposing…..and you’ll be greeted with….’oh yeah well I’m just saying’….

If the person offering the solution is not going to take responsibility for the outcome then all you have is a conversation based on conjecture and supposition.
And you’re more likely to be left in fear and concern, as a result of what has been said.

Now remember the solution is going to cost money …your money..and you want it to be a once only exercise, not something that needs to be continually revisited.

So be kind to yourself….when you want to know something about ….ventilation for example….don’t ask a roofer….sure he may know how to install, but he won’t sign on the dotted line as to the outcome you want….
‘We install a lot of ’em,….doesn’t guarantee your desired outcome is going to be forthcoming….especially as most of ’em’ are sweetener giveaways on the roofing deal.

Remember….the trades are not what they used to be and not all ‘professionals’ are….

A true professional is a person with historical experience, and will sign on the dotted line, as he has a reputation to protect.



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